We take great pride in the health of our bees, prefering sheltered, dry and sunny sites away from populated area. Landowners receive free honey as rent. If you are interested in having a responsible beekeeper and beehives on your land, please contact us for a no obligation conversation.

Disease Checks

We are DECA certified and can assist with disease returns.

Hobbyist Support

If you're not quite sure about anything, give us a yell. We will help identify and resolve your hive issues.

Swarm Control

Call us if there's a swarm in need of capture on your property!

Contract Labour

If your operation is short-staffed or temporarily in need of extra hands

give me a call, we can assist on a casual basis.

Currently booked for 2022/2023 season

Pollination Hive Auditing

worried that your pollination hives are not preforming?

I can offer and Audit Report on hive strength and performance.

Your paying good money for Pollination Bees Hives, you need ensure that service is for fulled correctly and as per contract, This audit will compare your contract to what the hive is protecting you and ensuring your getting what you have paid for!

call for a quote


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