Bees are some of the busiest and most productive creatures on Earth.
Below are just a few "by-products" of beekeeping.
Please enquire for current price and availability.

Early season - Premium Honey

Available in 1kg jars.

Late season - Premium Honey

Available in 1kg jars.

Please note that if you host our hives, you will get free honey in the form of rent. Unlike many other operators, we do not charge you for the use of your land.


Refined ingots available in 100g, 1kg, and 5kg measures.

Fantastic for candle-making, beeswax wraps, and as an ingredient in homemade toiletries.


Available in 250g jars.

Hayfever sufferers who take local pollen daily can reduce their symptoms. A natural way to relieve that summer stress.


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