Over the past several years, with a focus on the future of beekeeping, I have researched and developed a Queen Breeding programme. The aim of the breeding unit, is to monitor bee traits good health, disease resistance and high productivity. I select these characteristics and maintain the genetic selection and breeding of queens from within these performing hives.

Each of our queens is tested. Those proven to be of high quality are selected and made available to you for purchase.

Instrumentally inseminated queen bees

Carefully selected for their laying, wintering, disease hygiene traits, these queens could widen your apiary genetic pool. This is achieved by careful and deliberate selection of both egg and drone then using instruments to inseminate the queen bee.

Sold out (over committed) till autumn 2023

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Mated Queens

Open mated queens for increasing you hive numbers. A robust choice for the beekeeper in a hurry. These are available from November to March. These queens will be laying at time of dispatch.

Sold out (over committed) till autumn 2023
Taking orders now!!

Virgin Queens

Virgin queens are a popular alternative to queen cells or mated queens. Because they are caged with escort bees, they are easier to transport than queen cells. We then deliver using courier services. 

Note: these must be dropped into a hive on the same day as they arrive, as every day counts.


Queen Cells

Queen cells are an economical way of re-queening your hive. The cells are grafted from our breeding stock and fed to produce a strong virgin queen. These are for pick-up only.


Overwintered Queens

Limited stock for delivery early spring.
Early ordering avoids disappointment.

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Nucleus & Full Box Hives

Whether you’re a novice or an experiences beekeeper we have a nuc or a full box hives to suit your needs.

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